Our company is the sole authorized representative of ELITE Simulation Solutions AG in India, which is a Swiss company renowned for manufacturing the Flight Training Devices (FTDs)/FNPTs (Flight & Navigation Procedural Trainer) for fixed and rotary wing simulators respectively.

Our simulator is FAA (USA), JAA (Europe), CAA (UK) and CASA (Australia) approved. A good number of simulators has been installed and in use in abroad and India with many. Hence, it has also been certified by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Our simulator is not only required for IR rating but it has also been authorized by FAA(USA) for PPL, CPL, ATPL training under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 61 and 141.

In our product list, we have variety of simulators ranging from Desktop trainer to Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) trainer. We offer cost effective, versatile flight training devices and it includes:

  • PC ATD/Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD)
  • Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD)
  • Basic Instrument Training Devices (BITD)
  • Flight & Navigation procedures trainers –FNPT I, II, II MCC
  • Helicopter Training Devices – FSTD, FNPT II
  • Flight Training Devices (FTDs)

Our Services

Aviacom, being the sole dealer of Indian region, provides various services to their customers.

  • Guidance about the right product as per specific customer’s requirements
  • Well maintained simulator
  • Most competitive rates
  • Installation & Maintenance of FTDs & simulator
  • Availability of spare parts for the simulator
  • Developing long-term relationship with our clients
  • Reliable & Prompt response
  • Assistance in certification process of FTDs (Flight Training Devices) & simulator

Few of Our Esteemed Clients & Prospects:
  • Telangana State Aviation Academy, Hyderabad
  • Alchemist Aviation Pvt. Ltd. , Jamshedpur
  • Ahmedabad Aviation Academy, Ahmedabad
  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy (Wings Aviation), Hyderabad
  • Amber Aviation, Dehradun
  • Saraswati Aviation Academy, Sultanpur (Lucknow)
  • MP Flying Club, Indore and Bhopal
  • Bombay Flying Club, Mumbai
  • Bihar Flying Institute, Patna
  • Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation, Haryana
  • Ligare Flysims Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai
  • IAAPL , Salem
  • Skyline Aviation, Colombo ,Srilanka

And Many More...

For more details,Please visit www.flyelite.ch Or Contact Us