Adacel is the premier supplier of simulators for the training of ATCs in both civil and defense environments and for research, planning and modeling of air traffic procedures.

As AAI’s supplier of 16 Non Radar Procedural ATC Simulators, Adacel is a world leader in ATC Simulation with customers such as FAA, or 7 major ANSP in Europe & premier supplier of air traffic control simulation solutions, advance simulation & control systems for civil & defense. Company operates in the Global Aerospace Systems market including Operational Air Traffic Management, Airport & Air Traffic Control Training & Airborne Vehicle Systems.


1. ICE (Intelligent Communication Environment) 
2. Part Task Trainer Tower (PTT) 
3. 2 suites Radar Simulators
4. 240 Degree Tower Simulator LCD
5. 270 DegreeTower Simulator LCD Portrait mode
6. 360 Degree Tower Large Rear Projection Simulators 
7. MaxSim Simulator – The perfect means to evaluate & train evolving ATMs initiatives such as SESAR & NextGen. MaxSim is fully scalable from single seat desktop trainers to integrated tower & radar multi-seat, gate to gate systems. 
8. ATCiB – 
9. Flightline Driving Simulator 


Adacel is serving worldwide. Following is the list of few of the customers of Adacel.
  • Canada
  • Canada-Cold Lake
  • Canada-Departments of National Defense, 3 systems
  • India
  • 14 Procedural labs at Allahabad & 7 at Hyderabad Airport
  • Europe
  • Norway-NATAM, 11 Systems
  • Germany-Spangdahlem AB, 1 System (USAF)
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Korea- Kunsan AFB, 1 System (USAF)
  • South Korea- Osan AFB, 1 System
  • Middle East
  • Turkey-Incirlik AFB, 1 System
  • United Arab Emirates- Emirates Aviation College, 5 Systems
  • Australia
  • Australia- Air Services Australia Air Traffic Services College, 4 Systems
  • Australia- Royal Australian Air Force, 5 Systems (RAAF)

Adacel has large number of clients in USA which include Universities, USAF Active Duty, Navy, Marine, National Guard, Army, NASA, FAA, etc.

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